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Q: What level of service should I expect?

A: Our service is wholly client focused and we ensure that:

We inspect at a time to suit our client, to minimise disruption and cost to their business.​

We work with our customers to ensure inspections are arranged before they fall out of compliance.

We respond to additional inspection requests promptly.

We dedicate the same experienced and qualified Engineering Surveyors to our customers so that we can build efficient working relationships that last.

Q: What is your EsiNet Network?

A: It means we can provide Nationwide coverage with our accredited parters. It gives us a faster response time to keep you compliant, with standardised processes & RAMs, whilst providing a digital reporting & asset management system for your ease of management.

Q: What is your Motion Kinetic Software?

A: Our Motion Kinetic Software provides you with a customer portal that allows you to view and manage your assets & certification in real time. 

It allows us to publish Reports of Thorough Examination live from site, meaning you receive your documents on the same day with no delays. Once published, you receive an automatic email, notifying you of the completed inspection. 

We can attach photos of defects to your reports to enable you to provide more accurate information to your maintenance providers.

Q: Where can I find guidance on my responsibilities as a plant owner with relation to LOLER 1998 and PUWER Regulations?

LOLER (1998) - Visit:

PUWER (1998) - Visit:

Or visit our regulations page

Q: Do you contact us to book in our inspections?

A: Yes, we will contact you to ensure that the inspections are carried out at a time in advance of their due date in order to keep your equipment compliant. We aim to make the booking process as smooth as possible for our clients. 

Q: Can we be allocated a dedicated Surveyor so that they get to know our site and staff?

A: Yes, we are focused on building working relationships with our customers & having a dedicated Surveyor means that as they get to know the site & equipment, the inspection process becomes more smooth and causes less disruption to your operations.

Q: What do your clients say about you?

A: Please take time to read our 5* reviews on our testimonials page. We have a range of clients from different backgrounds, with different equipment who are all elated with our service.

If you'd like to leave us a review, please email us today

Q: Our current provider cannot send an engineer for up to 3 weeks, what type of response time do you ensure?

A: Unlike many big providers, we do not over-subscribe on work that we can't deliver. Our ethos based around client focus ensures that we effectively plan & create contingency openings for emergency appointments & to respond quickly to our current client base when a faulty asset comes back into service.

Q: We find it hard to explain defects to our repairer, how can you help us with this?

A: Our reports contain photos and detailed descriptions of any defects or recommendations that you can share with your maintenance provider. If you require more assistance then our Surveyors are more than happy to speak directly with the repairer so that communication is not lost between office personnel.

Q: Our current inspection provider does not turn up at the times they say & let our equipment run overdue for inspection, what do you do differently?

A: Our ethos is centred around building working relationships with our clients, we do not oversubscribe on work like many national providers, which allows us the capacity for scheduling contingency to be sure that we fulfil our obligations to our customers.

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